“A New View of God and its Effect
on Well-Being”

Monday, April 29, 7:00 pm
551 Maple Street, Edmonds

Child care available

Phillip Hockley, CS

Phillip Hockley, CS

In the early 1990s Phillip Hockley was experiencing severe stomach disorder that spiraled into significant weight loss and constant physical pain. For years he explored all possible methods of medical and alternative remedy but found no relief. Thinking death was his only alternative he began to seek spiritual peace as he prepared to die. At this point he felt compelled to attend a talk about Mary Baker Eddy, a Christianly Scientific healer. He was not expecting healing but found some of the ideas were transforming his thought. By the end of the lecture he could feel the pain and physical weakness beginning to melt away. By the next morning he was able to eat normally and he felt completely transformed. Since that landmark experience, Mr Hockley has continued to put into practice the spiritual ideas found in the teachings and healing work of Christ Jesus and that are outlined in Christian Science that brought his own complete healing.

Phillip Hockley is a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship and in the public practice of helping others find healing through Christianly Scientific prayer.